Friday, October 17, 2008

the beginning...

So here I finally am in blogland... the mystical place I believed to have been created by people who have oh so much more time than I do. But much to my surprise, so far it's pretty much been a snap. So hopefully this will help me turn over a new mommy leaf and begin documenting the adventures and milestones of our little guy.

Just to catch up (and so I don't forget) here are the cliffnotes on the past 8 1/2 months (yes, I started writing this post in October and it's now February, but hey, better late than never!)

9/6/07 - conceived
9/20/07 - pregnancy confirmed
12 wks - bad CVS results (2 extra genetic marks in every cell)
14 wks - good CVS results
18 wks - good Animo results
26 wks - bleeding, pre-term labor; dx extra amniotic fluid; hospitalized
27 wks - bed rest until end of pregnancy; contraction until end of pregnancy
29 wks - Ultrasound - dx w/femeral focal hyperplasia w/ unusual facies syndrome
30 wks - freak out
32 wks - Fetal MRI - inconclusive & borderline ventricals
34 wks - second opinion - inconclusive
5/29/08 - born and perfect in every way! Dashell Xavier 7lbs 12oz, 21inches
2 wks - rolled front to back for 2 wks then stopped
4 1/2 wks - smiled! (just when your about to throw them out the window they melt your heart!)
6 wks - rolled back to front for 2 wks then stopped
8 wks - intentionally grabbing and holding objects
4 1/2 mos. - sitting by himself
5 1/2 mos. - walking when supported
6 mos. - eating solids; OJ (loved it!), Mango (loved it!), rice cereal (hated it!)
6 1/2 mos. - standing
7 mos. - loves cause and effect
7 /12 mos. - can feed self Cheerios
8 mos. - crawled 2 "steps"
8 1/2 mos. - moves easily from sitting to crawling position


gma said...

A lovely story of a beautiful child...and a such a joy to look back and see how it began.

Uncle Jeffrey said...

Voosch... I feel a bit like I was in the Clark Kent interstellar educational capsule that carried Superman from Krypton to Earth... Only I happen to have experienced the whole of it in some kind of twisted reverse 'gear.' It (my experience of your experiences w/{d}x) was visual, engaging, informative, poignant, and moving... However the story plays, it is so very beautiful, and brings me tears of joy in ways I never anticipated. You have such an incredible & wonderful way of sharing your experiences. I can't wait for the next chapter! -xo/UJ