Thursday, October 8, 2009

It's A Plane! It's A Bird! It's...

The other morning while we were taking a little stroll, Dash and I had our first real argument, spat, disagreement if you will. Does this really count as a "first"?

Here's what happened, as we were walking along, Dash spied something in the grass and...

Dash pointing and flapping (his sign for bird): Dare, dare!

Me: Hmm... bird over there? I'm not sure.

Dash pointing and flapping: Dare, dare!

Me: I don't think so Dashy...

Dash pointing... : Up!

Me: I think it...

Dash pointing... : Down!

Me: You think the bird fell down?

Dash: Uuuuuup! Doooown!

Me: I don't think it's a bird.

Dash: Dare! Dare!

Me: I think it's a garbage bag.

Dash flapping: Uuuuup! Dooown!!

Me: No, it's definitely a garbage bag.

Dash flapping and pointing impatiently: DARE!!

Me: Take a closer look. It's a piece of a garbage bag.

Dash takes a step toward the object in question.

Dash: Woooow!

Me: You see, garbage bag.

Dash: Yeaaaah. (and signs for garbage truck.) Boom. (that's the dumpster being dumped.)

Dash (signs garbage truck again): Up. Boom.

Me: I understand why you thought it was a bird though.

Dash (smiling ear to ear): Yeaaaah. Boom.

Take a look for yourself....

 can see where the kid was coming from, right?

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Anonymous said...

What a good story! I'm glad Dashell stuck to his convictions so long and wasn't easily swayed by authority. His gracious acceptance of correction...Wow! An example for the rest of us!