Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Stand Off

Now that Dash is crawling like crazy, life has definitely changed. He moves swiftly from one activity to the next and not much gets in his way, except maybe a threshold. Yep, that's right. It's as if an invisible force field exists between the room he is in and next room. He will propel himself forward until half his body is in one room and half in the next and then splat on his tummy and whine. (I got to tell you, it's pretty amusing.) But today everything changed.

This morning after two attempts to cross from his room into the library, both of which ended in a well executed whining tummy splat (high marks from all the judges), he managed to muster up enough courage to advance into the next room. His motivation? The heated pursuit of our pets.

Up until now Floyd, our cat, has been cautiously curious about our new addition. He's been able to check out Dash from a safe distance, lounging casually on the carpet, not a care in the world. Oh Floyd, as of today it's a brave new world my friend!!

This morning Dash had Floyd on the run. Floyd's anxiousness was palatable. You knew he was imagining two tiny hands digging into his sleek coat and pulling out two fistfuls of well-groomed hair! Every time Dash would get too close Floyd would rear back and lift a front paw as if warning him to get back. This trick doesn't work on Arlo, our dog, and certainly didn't work on Dash.

Eventually Dash had him cornered. And as Dash was advancing on his target, Arlo swept in to lick Dash's face giving Floyd the opportunity to make a break for it! This didn't faze Dash one bit and without a second's thought he switched focus from Floyd to Arlo. But Arlo was much cleverer than Floyd and ditched the little rascal effortlessly to join Floyd out on the balcony.

Much to Dash's dismay, all he could do was stare at them from other side of the door, Mission: Terrorize Pets aborted (for now!)

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