Sunday, February 15, 2009

Valentine Safari

What says Valentine's Day more than a family outing to the zoo?! Yesterday Dashell got witness some true love animal-style. Whether it was the Giraffes peacefully grazing side-by-side, or the male Flamingos preening, trying to show that they were the most worthy of the females adoring glances, or the great Silverback giving his mate a not so gentle love tap (and she screeching at him to remind him who is boss!), the zoo is definitely the place to realize that there are all kinds of relationships and that love and companionship comes in many forms.

And then later that day... flowers from Daddy and a heart-melting giggle from Dash! What more could young(ish) gal want for Valentine's Day?!

1 comment:

Diana said...

OMG! Love the last pic of Dash with that big grin. He is just the cutest boy I know!!!