Wednesday, April 8, 2009

This 'n' That

Tonight Dash came up with a new bath time game...

I love listening to him laugh and giggle! There is absolutely no better sound in whole world. But I think, next bath time, I would be better served by wearing a swimsuit!

This past weekend we went to Brooke and Aaron's wedding.

It was beautiful and so touching. Dash had a lot to say during the vows. (In fact he had so much to say we had to stop watching the wedding and go watch the cars.) Later Dash decided he wanted to practice his stair climbing. The stairs were very high and just as we almost made it the tippy top and sat down for a moment to rest on one of steps, the bride and groom suddenly appeared, just above us at the top of the stairs, ready to make their grand entrance. Little did they know when they planned this, that there would be a bit of an obstacle course waiting for them in the form of a kneeling, waving 10 month old (and his very embarrassed parents!)

At least Dashy will look good on their wedding video. He was sporting a lovely suitcoat and his very first big boy tie.

This Saturday we had our second swim class (yes, Dave was all better and took Dash in the pool this time!)

Afterward Diana, Jamie and Kacey hosted a barbaque for the whole gang. The food was delicious, the company even better and everyone had a blast! Kacey made it extra special by choosing this occasion to walk more continuous steps than she ever had before. Go Kacey!!

Dashy, Kacey and Taline showed off how speedy they are by having a race...

And Dashy was zooming all over the place, playing with Kacey's toys and exploring her super fun house!

(Thanks Jamie for taking such great videos!)

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