Friday, May 29, 2009


Happy 1st Birthday Dash!!! It was just 12 months ago that you came into our lives at 12:59pm, screaming, with crazy hair and wide eyes. It has been truly unbelievable. They say that children change your life and you definitely have. There's less sleep (and less tv; maybe a good thing) but there is so much more joy and laughter! Some mornings, I'm blurry-eyed and stumbly, and I would kill for another hour (or 10!) of sleep, but then I hear you happily babbling to yourself in your crib and I can't wait to get up out of bed and see what new adventures are in store for the two us! I love you. I love you in a way I never thought possible. In a way that I could have never experienced without having you in my life.

I love the way you ask to be picked up and then direct me to where you want to go by pointing to this or that and going "Ooo, ooo", like I'm both your car and driver.

I love it when we play "hide and seek" around your rocker. And how hard you giggle when I "find" you.

I love that you are fascinated by how things fit together. And when you're crabby all I have to do is to show you how something fits together and then give it to you to try to do yourself and you're instantly engrossed.

I love that your whole world grinds to a halt when you hear a new sound, until you have figured out just where it is coming from.

I love that you feel most at peace outside listening to the birds "talk", watching the breeze move the tree leaves, and touching the different textures of the plants.

I love (well maybe not love, but they are awfully funny) your 5 second temper tantrums that end when you realize that nothing's going to change until you stop.

I love it when I am comforting you to sleep at night, with your head on my chest, and I think that you are just about to nod off and then you suddenly pop your head up and grin at me, like you and I have a special secret, and then just as quickly put you head back down on my chest and close you eyes.

I love that you have helped me to feel more deeply and to see the world in a new, more magical way.

I love that you are part of my life. I love you Dashy. Happy, happy birthday!!


Diana said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY DASHELL!!!! We love you too and are very glad you are a part of our lives!

Fulanita said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY DASHY!!!!! We think you rock!

Joyce said...

My how quickly time flies! Happy, Happy Birthday Dashell! You think he's fun and loveable now? Wait until you see the next several're going to fall in love with him over and over again!

Alexandra Doudian said...

Happy Birthday Dashell!!!

Anonymous said...

Gwynn, you have captured in words so many special moments. Yes, Dashell has changed life for you...but also for me...through him we do see the world in a new way. Dashell, you have spun a new world of love around you. Happy year ahead, little one-year-old! You are loved so very much(as are your dear parents who brought you into this world)!

Hugs, GMA