Thursday, June 18, 2009

Park Here 7am-6pm

Once upon a time there was a young lad who had a magnificent collection of things to play with.

A marvelous chest of drawers...

...a very nice clean washcloth...

...a stupendous rubber mallet...

...and a lovely pair of elephant ears.

With a toy box filled with such fine items, the young lad's mother was mystified that all he ever wanted to do was to go outside.

In fact every morning started the same way... the young lad would wake up and immediately go "Ooo, ooo!" and point to the door of his room. His mother would lift him up and carry him out of his room. He would then go, "Ooo, ooo!" and point down the stairs. Dutifully his mother would carry him down the stairs. Once there, he would again exclaim, "Ooo, ooo!" and point at the front door. If his mother did not oblige, he would arch his back and cry out as though the flesh was being torn from his small body. So, of course, not wanting to incur his wrath first thing in the morning the young lad's mother suited him up and put him in his most prized possession...

...his car.

For you see, the young lad liked to commune with nature. To listen to the birds talk, to stop and smell the flowers...

(or at least pick them...)

...and point out every, single, solitary airplane. all. morning. long.

But eventually like all good things, the car ride had to come to an end. And the young lad and his mother would go back inside. But soon he would be pointing at the door again, "Ooo, ooo!" and not having a proper backyard to play in there were limited places and things his mother could do with him. He would get frustrated and she would get frustrated and this was not very pleasant for anyone.

So in order to placate him she conceded to many, many, many rides in his car each and every day. In fact the young lad in his car became a neighborhood attraction and many people would stop and comment, "There he goes again!" as he waved to each them as he "drove" by.

Eventually his mother, although not often a wise woman, for once in her life had, what she thought was, a brilliant idea. "We shall build the young lad a park of his very own and then he can spend the whole day outside if his wishes. And I shall only have to circle the block a couple times a day, just to mix things up."

And so Dashell Park was erected...

And as his mother anticipated all he ever wants to do now is go outside and play in his park.

Does he want to ride in his car?

Hell no!

Does he want to eat his breakfast, lunch or dinner inside in his highchair?

Hell no!

Does he want to play outside in his park?


And play he does...

He climbs up into his fort and pushes all his toys down the slide...

...and watches with delight as they crash and burn in grass below.

And what do you do once you've annihilated the entire toy box?

Turn around and slide down to join them, of course!

(And once down, he climbs back up the slide to do it again.)

After that? Play with one of your dump trucks...

Fill 'er up!

And then dump 'er out!

Yes, the young lad has mastered the concept of the dump truck. (Pretty neat, huh?!)

And next on the agenda? Sandbox!

And the capper? Tunnels!

And ball pit!

I guess it might be obvious why the young lad never, ever, EVER wants to be inside anymore. But come on... would a little time inside kill ya kid?! (maybe just a meal or two? please.)

p.s Dashy took three more steps today!!

p.p.s. He also discovered my fingernails tonight while I tried to comfort him to sleep. He really liked the clicking sound they would make when he tried to push them down with his nail. It made him giggle. (I know, the kid's a little weird... but awfully cute!)


Diana said...

WOW!! Dashell Park looks fabulous, I am so impressed he can go up and down the slide!!! How did you teach him that? I'll have to let Kacey try it sometime. :) Maybe Dash can teach her when we get back!!!

Gail said...

Dashell is learning leaps and bounds. What a clever lad.

Anonymous said...

Wow! 3 steps...and(Wow)climb UP HIS SLIDE!!! Next step for "Super-Toddler": Able to leap small buildings in a single bound? (And what a extravaganza Dashell-Park!)

With love & hugs, GMA

Pat said...

What fun Dashell is having and I agree that outside is the best.