Friday, September 25, 2009


A while ago I promised more tales from our weekend. Well, now that those adventures are 2 weeks old, I'm finally getting around to sharing with you. (I know that the anticipation must have been a killer!!)

That particular weekend we decided to get Dashell some proper "big boy" shoes. (Up until that point he had only worn soft-soled moccasin-type shoes.) We've been hitting a lot of water parks lately (for obvious reasons) and the soft leather soles get slippery very easily in the water and before you know it the kid is on the ground.

Amazingly, he goes down in slow motion so he's not hurt, just stunned. But the horrified looks, that passed over the other parents faces as it happened again and again, were enough to peer-pressure us into looking for some fancy new shoes. (Parenting in a community is really kind of like going back to high school again. I sometimes bowed to peer-pressure then and I'm ashamed to admit I, still sometimes, bow to it now. But, you know, the kid was going to eventually bump his head so maybe they were right to look horrified. As I work through this... Ok, I admit it, maybe peer pressure can be a good thing. Enough said. For now.)

Anyway we took another family trip to the mall, where we had Dashy's foot measured... first with the young toddler foot measurer (yep, that's what it's called. I know allll the lingo.)

...and then the salesman said that Dashell's foot was much larger than he expected and he had to break out the older toddler foot measurer.

(Is it "big feet, big heart"? I hope so.) Once we determined a size, the salesman whipped out some cool new styles for Dash to model for us. We tried to fit one fancy shoe after another on Dashy's feet without luck and soon realized that those luscious bubbly feet that I love so much are not really made for shoes. Dash seems to have bit of a bulgy foot. The top part bumps up and very few shoes actually fit him. Curses. So much for being a fashion maven!

Eventually we got a pair to fit. But Dash was not impressed, initially, and tried over and over to step out of his new shoes! Here's a little video that tells the whole story.... Enjoy!

p.s. He's now walking like a pro in his new shoes. (And I can hold my head high in public once again.)


gma said...

A very short period of adjustment & the little fella was right in step! Such a cute tale of 2 feet meeting 2 strange new attachments! Hugs to the little guy & his very encouraging parents!

Alexandra Doudian said...

So cute. And we totally understand about the bulgy foot problem haha.

Jamie said...

AHhhhh! The same shoes as Kacey!! So glad he eventually loved them!