Thursday, September 17, 2009


So after a month of Tuesday night awakenings, followed by rest-of-the-night comforting sessions, (oh, and a Thursday night thrown in for good measure; because it begins with "T" too, of course) we have our first molar! Yep, you heard that right Kacey and Taline... we may be a bit behind, but we are hot on your little white-toothed trails!! So look out!!

I got a good peek at the new gnasher while Dash was laughing it up out in the garden yesterday morning. But there will be no picture here, because Dave nearly lost a finger trying to catch a glimpse during bathtime last night. The little bugger chomped down so hard that he broke the skin and Dave was still moaning about it hours later! Either Dash is working hard on his Jaws impression or Dave is an extremely delicate flower, I'm not sure which.

So, that makes it 1 down and 7 to go. I wonder what night of the week the next one will pick?!

p.s. I'm voting for Wednesday's since Dashy woke up screaming at 12:22am last night. What do you vote, as far as last night goes... pain from our latest friend to break onto the scene (oh yes, another baaaaaad pun) or yet another molar?

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Anonymous said...

Holy moley (in keeping with your theme)! Dash has been having more than his fair share of pains...and you have had a lot of comforting to do! Bravo to you both!