Thursday, December 17, 2009


Did you hear that? That HUGE bang??! That was the sound of Dashell's vocabulary exploding over Thanksgiving. He had plateaued for a while and then during the time in and around the holiday his little brain went into overdrive and he started using 2 or 3 or sometimes even 4 or 5 new words a day. It was crazy!

I don't want to forget, so just consider this list a little note to myself.

- light (this was the perfect sign to learn at Christmas time!!)
- turning (as in the wheels on a train turn)
- cement truck
- stretch

- moo (cow)
- baa (sheep)
- meow (cat)
- chug-a-chug-a chug-a-chug-a (you guessed it... train!)
- boom (as in it fell down)
- boop boop (boat)
- laughter (clown)
- crying (to tell us he or someone else was/is sad or scared)
- shhhhhhh (to tell us that it is dark or someone is sleeping)
- clicking of his tongue (chicken or rooster)
- bup bup bup bup bup (helicopter)

- happy
- people
- choo choo
- bus
- mommy (he was already using mama, but mom-ME is sooo cute!)
- puppy
- daddy
- taxi
- house
- ice (he asks for this every time he falls now)
- couch
- broom
- air (as in the air is blowing or moving)
- Chicago (this is what he is saying in the picture above)
- stone
- bone
- comb
- spoon
- boots
- stick
- book
- paper
- keys
- Sandy (the name of our beloved neighbor)
- Patty (the name of our nanny)
- round (as in something is going around)
- run (one of his favorite things to do!)
- pepper
- bumpy
- Ducky (one of his wubbies)
- knee
- toes
- mouth
- nose
- hair
- bean (his new favorite food)
- yummy yum (for eating)
- cup
- sky
- juice
- done (as in "all done")
- big! (this comes with a hand gesture)
- nice
- top (as in the top of a container)
- egg
- stuck (as in "I'm stuck between the couch and the chair and can't get out!")
- cracker
- snack
- bear
- out
- moon
- star
- deer
- please (sounds like "peeze")
- caboose (this sounds like "boo-se")
- te cae (this sort of means "you fall" in Spanish. So now whenever Dash is about to do something where he might fall, he starts saying "te cae! te cae!" This warning to himself does not keep him from doing it, mind you. I think he's just letting me know that he's aware that it is dangerous. Nice boy. Right?!)

Oh yeah, and we got him to say "chili dog" over and over and he would just crack up everytime, but had no idea what he was saying!

Even with all these new words, "under" (which he started using about a month and a half ago) is still the favorite at the moment. He (and his train) just cannot go under enough things!

And I can't forget to mention that two days ago he started saying, "Dashell". It's very cute, but he only says it when prompted. In conversation he still refers to himself as "niƱo" ("boy" in Spanish) or "baby". Oh, well. He's right, I guess. I just think that "Dashell" sounds so much nicer!  Don't you? Hopefully, as they say, this too shall pass.


Diana said...

Can't believe he is talking more than the girls!!!! Maybe he will be a lawyer or politician :)

Best When Used By said...

There is nothing so sweet as the first words a baby speaks. And now, well, it sounds like there's a lot of sweetness going on over there!