Monday, December 21, 2009

A Little Bit of Holiday Magic

When I was young (really young, like let's say 4 or so) I remember trying to stay up super duper late (for me) to see if I could spy Santa out my window. Mind you, the windows in my bedroom were very, very high off the ground. Or, maybe, I was really, really short? Hmmm... reality is all perspective, right? Anyway...  if I pressed my body and my cheek up against the wall directly under my curtain, I could barely, just barely, get a peek at the darkened night sky. Much to my dismay, I never did see Rudolph, but my Christmas's were not without a little bit of magic.

Every year my parents put a little Christmas tree in my room. I think that it was probably just the top off our big tree, but to me it was so special. I remember gazing at it as I drifted off to sleep, thinking about Santa and the reindeer and presents. And then jumping out of bed Christmas morning to find one little present under my own personal tree as though Santa had actually snuck into my bedroom while I was sleeping!!! 

This year when I put up our Christmas trees Dashell was delighted.

He kept talking about how big! they were...

...and about the lights and the balls and of course wanting to touch them.

I explained that these were mommy's trees and he could touch with his eyes but not with his hands. And, I have to say, I felt a little like Scrooge. Ba humbugger. What child isn't entranced by the magic of Christmas trees? And isn't part of the fun looking at all the ornaments? It was a feeling I just couldn't shake so I decided to fix it.

We went out and got Dashy a tree of his very own. A tree that is full of little lights which cast a magical glow and is decorated with animal ornaments of all shapes and sizes. Ornaments that can be touched and played with.

And suprise, surprise, Dash loves it!!!

Every morning before he'll even let me lift him out of his crib he asks for the lights on his tree to be turned on. Many times during the day, he runs over to his tree to look at and talk about the animals on it. And in the evenings, he sits on the floor next to it and asks to have his bedtime stories read to him there.

It's amazing how much Christmas joy one little tree can bring.


Diana said...

WOW! What a fantastic idea. Dash is one lucky little boy!

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful story! And such a lovely new Christmas tradition for Dashell! The wonder and magic are palpable. I can just see Dash's excitement!
Hugs, GMA