Thursday, March 12, 2009

Hey, Magellan

He used to sit there turning an object end over end. Studying it. Mesmerized for minutes on end. He'd tap on the switches with his index finger. He'd point out all the screws. Sometimes he'd even play with it (the way that it was meant to be played with.) Until eventually, he would become bored and whine to be handed something else fascinating.

But with Dashell's new found mobility he is the unstoppable explorer of his very own "New World". No need for anyone to sit there and entertain this boy! These days I feel more like a member of the audience (and many times the safety squad) than a playmate.

Check out some of the places I've found my little adventurer lately...


Alexandra Doudian said...

Why do they love the dishwasher so much?!? Such a cute little explorer.

Anonymous said...

The little guy is undaunted in learning about his world! An inspiration to the rest of us who have forgotten the adventure!