Thursday, March 5, 2009

What I Love About You (now)

Dashy, you're changing by the hour. I'm worried that as you get older, I will start to forget the things about you, at this age, that bring so much joy to my life every day. These are a few things I hope I will never forget...

- I love coming into your bedroom first thing in the morning to find you in your crib, smiling like crazy, surrounded by your toys.

- I love that for about two weeks, over the Christmas holidays, you would purr (actually it was more of a growl) whenever you were happy.

- I love that when you're excited to see someone you squish up your face and thrust your hand toward them like your trying to high-five.

- I love listening to you "sing" to yourself. It's one of sweetest sounds I've ever heard.

- I love that your feet look like they are made out of bubbles.

- I love that when you examine a new object, you first tap it gently with your index finger before you go at it with gusto.

- I love that you are endlessly curious and aware of your surroundings.

- I love your face in the morning, when you're straining to look out your window and see what interesting things the new day has brought.

- I love that you think a good smile involves a wrinkly nose.

- I love that when you get really excited about something, you tremble so much that you are practically paralyzed with joy.

- I love that you are naturally happy. And even when you are really tired you try hard to smile.

- I love that you find it comforting to snuggle your head up under my chin as I rock you to sleep at night.

Dashy I love you, and every day I am thankful that you came into our lives. (This, I know, I won't forget.)


gma said...

I can't begin to tell you how much your thoughts have touched me!
Love & big hugs...

Anonymous said...

The photo you added is darling...You have a real knack for capturing your son's moods...


Diana said...

Aw, that was a sweet post.

Marcela Beatty said...

Soo beautiful! I thought about things I love about baby Audrey after reading this. This is so special! I was so into it!!!!