Sunday, March 15, 2009

Sick and Tired (updated)

I have no fun story or whimsical anecdote for this entry. Today Dash was sick. He's been sick before, but not like this. In past he's been a little uncomfortable. During many of those times, it seemed as if he wished his nose would run off and bother someone else. But nothing too bad.

Today on top of being massively uncomfortable (I contribute some of this to being crazy constipated since Wednesday night), he had a slight fever, an incredibly runny nose, a little bit of throw up (on mommy) and a complete lack of appetite for anything solid.

My poor little boy. Several times today he just burst into tears. The rest of the time he was a whiney mess clinging to me for a cuddle and some comfort.

We never watch tv in front of him, but today because he was so miserable we let him watch some of The Great Race and Finding Nemo. (And I don't think we'll be revisiting the latter for a while; it has some really scary parts that I totally forgot about. Of course, we just discovered that, Dash currently thinks they're very funny, but I suspect that will change in a short time.)

When he tried to nap today, his nose would clog and wake him up. I can only hope that tonight he is able to rest more peacefully and wake up tomorrow feeling much better.

Why is it that the pain of our children affects us in ways nothing else does?



This morning I woke up to this...

All smiles and chatter.

He's even eating a very little bit.

His nose is still a runny mess, but I think we're on the road to recovery. Thanks for sending all that positive energy our way!

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Anonymous said...

Oh, poor Dashell!...and poor Gwynn! Yes, I well know how a parent feels when his/her child feels pain! How helpless one is!