Wednesday, August 12, 2009

As The Night Passes

In the dark of the night, I creep into the quiet house. Like the changing of the guard, the keeper of his days passes me the monitor and we nod a silent good-bye.

Click. The image of him sleeping, so peacefully, lights up the screen. My angel, I missed you so much today.

But, now, I am tired. Exhausted. My body hurts. I must lie down and close my eyes too.

Oh, blissful sleep. A seeming luxury, a true necessity. How long can I continue without you as my companion? I lie here waiting for your comforting arms to envelop me.

A cry. Whimper. Crying. Fumbling. Click.

He cries softly to himself. I watch him. I wait.


Again, a cry.

I ache to hold him but exhaustion pulls me tight to the bed.

And, silence.

A wail is uttered. A whimper. A cry.

A decision.

I stumble through the black of his room and lift him gently. The weight of his tiny head on my shoulder gives solace to me. And him.

In the dark we settle. Comforting each other.

Outside the misty veil of morning pushes night back into its lonely corners.

His eyes lie beneath the heavy drapes of sleep. His sweet breath rhythmically keeps pace with the passing time.

I try to memorize every detail. Each beautiful eyelash. Each wisp of hair. The set of his sleeping lips. Soon he will be gone from my arms. Soon, too soon, I will be gone too.



He laughs.

Oh, to have the dreams of children.

I smile and know why there was no reservation when I was beckoned tonight.

For this, I longed.

This is my dream.


Erin Drez said...

Beautifully said!

Diana said...


Anonymous said...

Beautiful. I love holding my son when he's sleeping, kissing him and then him laughing and smiling in his sleep. It's heaven on Earth.

Fulanita said...

Gwynn you just keep making me get all teary eyed...or maybe my eyes are just sweating.

Anonymous said...

You have painted a beautiful picture in words...Love,