Tuesday, August 4, 2009

I love you to the moon... and back.

For about a week or so, Dashy and I have been talking about the moon. Pointing it out in all of his books. Comparing different illustrative interpretations of it. It's amazing how many children's books have pictures of the moon in them. (Maybe this is because it is darn hard to find a children's book that is not about, or resolves at, bedtime!) And like a lot of things at this age, you think he gets it, but you never really know. (For instance, while we were learning the word "eye", he would announce very proudly "Eye!!" while pointing to his... ear.)

So this past weekend, while we were walking back home, after digging in the dirt of our neighbor's garden for quite a while (thank goodness all of our older neighbors are smitten with young Dash!), it took me by surprise when he pointed up at the sky, in the direction of the moon, and exclaimed, "Nana!" [Note: Lately, this is the word he uses as a substitute for any word he is working on, but has not mastered yet.]

I praised him (of course) and said, "Yes, yes that's the moon." But being the dubious person that I am, I wasn't fully convinced that it was actually the moon he was pointing at. After all, there were several large trees and a bird in the general vicinity. But, he continued pointing and proclaiming "Nana! Nana!" as we made our way down the street.

Suddenly some of the tall trees obstructed our view of the moon, and Dashy became very agitated. This is when I began to suspect that maybe I should have had a little more faith in my son's mastery of the whole "moon" concept. Because as soon as we cleared the trees, and could see the moon again, Dashy calmed down and was back to pointing and declaring "Nana!" (And this time it was only thing in our line of sight.)

So yes, yes young Dashell, I do believe that you have begun to understand "moon".

It's things like this that you want to remember. That make your soul sing. That make you just want to hug the little bugger 'til he pops!

So, here I commit it. Here, I will remember it. Here, this moment will not be forgotten. (Because Dashy has a baby book, but hell if I've ever written anything it! How's that for being a Class A mom?!)


Alexandra Doudian said...

Blog totally trumps baby book! now to find that website that will print out your blog into a book format and you will have a way more awesome baby book with all these great stories. Oh and Dashy you are just an amazing little man understanding the moon!

Anonymous said...

What will he think when I arrive and he is told that I am Nana? Utter confusion? Iagree with Alex the blog is definitely better than a baby book...new era. Love, Nana

Joyce said...

I plan on printing my blog as well one of these days. Here's the link:


Now if only I could find the time to actually write more in my blog...