Monday, August 24, 2009

The Skinny

For a while, I have just thought that Dash has been maintaining his trim physique through his often unnervingly particular eating habits.

Witness the menu he chose for this past weekend...

Friday: 2 smoothies, sweet potato, chicken, musaka, and a salmon, broccoli, cheese scramble

Saturday: 2 smoothies, 1/2 piece of french toast, 1/2 serving of mac 'n' cheese

Sunday: 2 smoothies....THAT'S IT! (oh, actually, I lie... he ate centers out of 5 blueberries.)

And then, I caught this...

HA! The truth is out. The child obviously has a problem! What do you think we should do, immediate professional intervention?

(Silly me, I didn't realize that toddler bulimia was on the rise. They totally forgot to mention it in our parenting classes!)

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